At Point Reyes Outdoors we strive to provide the finest tours possible. We care deeply about the quality of your experience. Here are some testimonials from some of our clients. Please let us know how we are doing…

“We all had the most brilliant time! I really appreciated how knowledgable, easy-going, and friendly our guides were – they were really lovely. Ian and Todd also went out of their way to show us some amazing wildlife! The sunset was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the bioluminescence was magical. This trip was better than I could have possibly imagined. Thank you all so much!”

-Kirsty, 11/5/17

“Our guides were excellent! And seeing the bioluminescence was truly amazing. I’ll never forget the experience!”

-Kari, 1/16/18

“It was a fantastic experience for our whole family! The picnic on the beach was amazing and my favorite part!”

-Cristen, 7/4/17

“The guides were so upbeat, unruffled, can-do, and friendly. We were the only seniors on our trip, and the guides couldn’t have been more patient and encouraging.”

-Janet, 7/15/17

“The calm guide and the chatty guide- who both did a nice job making us feel calm and also excited about everything we were seeing!”

-Emily, 2/4/18

“The Bioluminescence was incredible, I have never seen it before and I am so happy I had that chance! The waters were calm and serene and the night sky was perfect. The guides did a great job keeping us together and educating us along the way. Thank you Mitch and Brett!”

-Samantha, 7/15/17

“It was just roughing it enough and just glamping enough. Our guide was fantastic.”

Leah, 7/1/17

“Ian and Todd were fabulous. It was safety first and FUN! The bioluminescent was amazing and so vibrant.”

-Susan, 11/20/17

“The guide was very good. We also enjoyed seeing seals, jellyfish, a starfish and some actual fish fish, plus a lot of birds. We also enjoyed getting a closer look at the oyster farms.”

-Kyle, 1/15/18

“The location was beautiful and the whole experience was memorable. The guides were really helpful and precise with their instructions. This made our kayaking very easy to follow. The illuminated sky with the bioluminescence in water made a fascinating memory etched in our minds. I will definitely come back again.”

-Gurdeep, 7/14/17

“The guides were amazing and created a safe environment even for first-time kayakers. The organization was exceptional: thank you for allowing us to go out as one big group, for accommodating last-minute changes in the number of participants, and generally for being awesome. Thanks!”

-Federico, 11/20/17

“Our guide was very knowledgeable. We left feeling like we knew more and had a better appreciation of the area and kayaking than when we arrived. We like tours like that.”

-Lisa, 11/11/17

“Kayak guides were very thorough and entertaining. I knew I was in safe hands throughout the entire trip. Also the bioluminescence was fabulous!”

-Courtney, 11/11/17

“It was beautiful! There was no wind, the clouds cleared away just in time for us to see a sky full of stars, and the bioluminesence was bright. Tyler did an amazing job telling us about our surroundings and showing us things that we otherwise would have missed. He really was a great guide.”

-Amanda, 11/10/17

“It was such a unique experience -kayaking with the sun setting, surrounded by silent, calm water reflecting pink clouds and oozing peacefulness. Later the stars sprinkled brilliantly when it got dark. Loved that we spotted seals too. Of course the bioluminescence was super cool too. It felt like we were in our own Disney movie. Tour guides were so awesome too. Thank you Todd and Lisa!!”

-An, 10/15/17

“The experience itself was really marvelous. Loved that we could see the bioluminescent critters and that we had several chances to raft up and hear about the bay and the creatures in and around it. The guides were very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks for a super fun evening!”

-Genevieve, 10/17/17

“In terms of what Point Reyes Outdoors controls, staff was friendly and informative throughout- not just in the mechanics of paddling, but of Tomales Bay, the science behind bioluminescence, etc. They definitely added to what turned out to be a near-perfect evening.”

-Jennifer, 10/15/17

“Being out with a group of friendly people in kayaks in the foggy, serene and beautiful evening, seeing the bioluminescence for the first time, and feeling safe as the guides kept track of us – it was wonderful.”

-Beth, 10/28/17

“Oh man, where do I start? I was in heaven the moment we hit the water. I loved the sunset part, and the main event – the bioluminescence, was incredible. The guides were funny and very informative. It was a spiritual event for me and my wife. We are definitely going again and I’ve already forwarded your info to many of my friends. Props to you! And thank you!”

-Cooper, 10/15/17