Picnic at White Gulch:

We will paddle toward Hog Island for a glimpse of harbor seals, resting waterfowl and shore birds. Once to the western shore, we will paddle into White Gulch, keeping an eye out for Tule elk, bat rays, and leopard sharks. Floating passed the white sandstone cliffs, we will continue northward along the shore, selecting a beach for a picnic lunch. Tuck your toes in the sand as we enjoy delicious fare, picnic style: appetizers, main course, and dessert. The picnic tour is an additional two hours, giving us more time in the kayaks, allowing us to explore further northward in Tomales Bay.

Picnic at White Gulch

Time: 10am to 4pm
Price: $120 Per person
Includes delicious picinic snack of
Local Marin Cheeses, Fresh Baked Bread and Fruit

Dates: Saturdays & Sunday year round
Check Calendar for dates

Launch Site: Nick’s Cove (see Directions)

Tomales Bay Kayaking
White Gulch and the Tule Elk

White Gulch, named for its beautiful cliffs of Laird’s sandstone, is the best place for spotting Tule elk. This quiet little inlet was once home to Miwok Indians, and at the turn of the century was a thriving fishing village bristling with wharves and shanties. All that remains today are the ruins of a small building and dock. Nature has taken back this beautiful area and created a perfect grassland habitat for Tule elk.

For thousands of years Tule elk roamed the peninsula freely and in great numbers, but hunting and ranching decimated them completely by the mid 1800s. In 1979 the Point Reyes National Seashore reintroduced a small herd of 8 cows and 2 bulls, creating the Tomales Point Tule Elk reserve of 2600 acres at the tip of the Point Reyes Peninsula. This reintroduction has been so successful that the herd now numbers over 400 head.

The Tule elk herd of Tomales Point is an exceptional attraction of White’s Gulch, but certainly not the only one. Egrets and heron roost in the trees on the cove’s northern hillside. The shoreline waters are forested with eelgrass and marine algae, creating the perfect environment for spotting bat rays, harbor seals, waterfowl and even an occasional river otter. Paddling along the coastline, we experience this extraordinary area and its inhabitants at a relaxing and enjoyable pace.

Hog Island

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To complement this exceptional adventure, PRO provides a wonderfully catered meal prepared locally using organically grown produce, baked breads, local cheeses and delightful desserts. We are excited and honored to incorporate the local flavors of Point Reyes into our tours. Please let us know if you have special dietary needs.

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Please study and follow the Directions to Miller Park for our Morning and Picnic at White’s Gulch Tour.
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