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Treat yourself to an unforgettable and authentic encounter with Nicaragua: the kayaking, the people, and the beauty of the natural landscape. Kayak to your heart's content. Trek through the city markets of Leon or organic coffee fincas in the highlands. Camp on a secluded island or pamper yourself in a private cabana. No matter your way, you will be welcomed with warmth and hospitality...not to mention fresh-caught fish.

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These multi-day adventures feature sea kayaking, trekking, cultural exchange, and exploration throughout the Pacific North Coast of Nicaragua.  Create your own adventure.  Visit nature reserves, sea turtle hatcheries, cultural centers, organic farms, or tropical beaches.

Unexplored by most, Nicaragua will reward you with an expansive coastline, rugged volcanoes, a vibrant and authentic culture, and an overflowing supply of hospitality.

7 Days – 6 Nights: Volcanoes, Kayaks & Nature Reserves
November 17-23, 2011
January 5-11, 2012
February 23-29, 2012
November 22-28, 2012

5 Days – 4 Nights: Volcanoes, Kayaks & Nature Reserves
November 17-21, 2011
January 5-9, 2012
February 23-27, 2012
November 22-26, 2012

In seven days, explore three nature reserves and one of the oldest cities in the country.  (In five days, explore two nature reserves).  Find room to vacate and relax in the bosom of the tropics. Enjoy coconuts, volcanoes, mangroves, kayaks, beaches, and bilingual conversation in local communities.

* Laze in a hammock under the shade of a palapa.
* Roam the streets to imbibe the murals, music, poetry and open-air markets.
* Climb an active volcano. Listen to howler monkeys in a cloud forest.
* Trek through the vistas of the highlands.
* Dine on the local and organic meats, veggies, cheeses, and shade-grown coffee.
* Be lulled to sleep on a deserted beach, surrounded by starlight and bioluminescence

Estero Padre Ramos Nature Reserve

Kayak through meandering mangrove channels, accompanied by sea turtles and birds, in the Estero Padre Ramos Nature Reserve. The estuary's wildlife is diverse with more than 200 types of resident and migratory birds, 3 species of sea turtles, and enough fish, butterflies, shrimp, mangroves, mudflats, and intertidal life to keep you captivated for days.

These multi-day adventures feature sea kayaking, as well as trekking, cultural exchange, and exploration throughout the Pacific North Coast of Nicaragua. Unexplored by most, this piece of the planet will reward you with an expanse of serene coastline, rugged volcanoes, a vibrant and authentic cultural experience, and a welcoming people.

Your Guides

Ibis Kayaking takes pride in the skill and quality level of our guides. You will be delighted to travel with Jenn Shulzitski and Uciel Pineda Alvarado during your adventure in Nicaragua.


Jenn has traveled extensively in Central America, paddling kayaks and dugout canoes in Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, Chiapas, Baja and Nicaragua. Jenn is a wildlife biologist, outdoor educator, and professional ACA-trained sea kayaking instructor and guide. Jenn speaks English and Spanish, and is a passionate sailor, surf kayaker, and traveler. Her knowledge and passion for the wilderness is absolutely contagious.

Uciel was born and raised in Padre Ramos, Nicaragua. When he's not kayaking on the estuary or hiking to the top of a volcano, Uciel is an English student at the National University of Nicaragua in Leon, as well as a fisherman and a cattle farmer in Padre Ramos. He lives with his twelve siblings and their extended families. He has been an active volunteer in the youth program within his community, launching a local cooperative bakery and a sea turtle egg hatchery program.


"...In the sunset light and the million glints that flashed on the sea, those streaming oars seemed made of burnished gold. And, in that graceful boat, still rowing, rowing, the lover with his beloved, flying to the land of dreams..."

- Ruben Dario, Nicaraguan Poet