Hiking Clothing Recommendations

Hiking Drakes Beach

Due to the wonderful whims of Mother Nature, you should come prepared for variable weather conditions. Wear clothing that accurately reflects your degree of sensitivity to heat and cold.

You will need to layer your clothing to include a warmth layer that will keep you warm even when damp. Try to avoid cotton like sweat shirts and sweat pants. Cotton can get damp or wet and does not wick the moisture, making you cold.

• Warmth Layer
....A fleece or synthetic shirt, vest or jacket functions best as a warmth layer. Fleece and synthetics wick the
moisture away from your body and keep you warm even when wet. Wool also works as a warmth layer.

• Pants
....Wear quick-dry, nylon, rain pants, or polypro pants or shorts depending on the weather conditions. It can be cool in the morning and warm up during the day, so you want to dress in layers for a day that will warm up.

• Foot Wear
....Make sure you wear very comfortable hiking boots or walking shoes. We can not stress enough the importance of shoes that are broken in and known to be comfortable.
....Wear 2 pairs of socks – 1 pair of wicking socks and 1 cushioning pair. Wool, polypropylene or silk are most appropriate. Carrying a spare pair is also advised in case your feet get wet.

• Wind break layer
.....o ...Bring a windbreaker or rain jacket. This layer is important!

• Hats and Gloves
.....Fleece or wool caps or poly rain hats for cool weather. Always bring a hat that protects you from the sun.

• Additional Items
.....o ...A water bottle (at least 1 liter)
.....o... Sunscreen
.....o... Sun hat
.....o ...Sunglasses
.....o ...Snack bar
... Day pack to carry essentials

Please remember when choosing your clothing that on hiking trips, anything you bring you will be carrying throughout the day. Bring light, warm, and efficient attire.