Bioluminescence Camping


Bioluminescence Camping

Kayak Camping Tomales Bay

Join us for an experience unlike anything else you will do in Point Reyes.

While Kayak Camping on the northern shores of Tomales Bay, you will explore its cliffs and protected coves searching for seals, bat rays, elk and waterfowl.  Immersed in the areas beauty you will experience   the habitat that supports the diverse array of wildlife that visits and resides on the peninsula. Add to that the remarkable Biolum

inescent display once the sunsets. Once it is dark, we set  out onto the water to experience an amazing natural wonder.  

Fish swimming past you boat followed by a trail of  blue green light, and sometimes a seal or bird will make a splash, causing quite a display of color and commotion. Even your. paddle strokes in the water cause the dinoflagellates to “light up”, creating an amazing light show as we explore Tomales Bay.

Price :     $184 per person

Trip includes:
*Naturalist Guides
*Daytime & evening kayaking tour
*Kayak gear and closed deck sea kayaks 

*Camping permits
*Full Camp Kitchen & Cooking Equipment
*Bring your own food or leave it to us.

Call 415 663-8191  for information and resevervations